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Welcome at our website! Catcafé the Spinnerij is the place to be for all catlovers. You can enjoy breakfast or lunch or have some coffee with delicious homemade pastries. We have 8 adopted cats living at the Spinnerij, we adopted them from Greece. Our catcafé is located at Langestraat 172 in the city centre of Tilburg, only a few minutes from the central train station. We have a café area and also a catmerch shop with lots of goodies for every catlover and for your cat.

Our catcafé is located at Langestraat 172 in the city centre of Tilburg, only a few minutes from the central train station. We have a café area and also a catmerch shop with lots of goodies for every catlover and for your cat.

Reservations are recommended but not obligated. When you do make a reservation trough our website it is for a maximum of 90 minutes. Especially in weekends it is recommended to make a reservation, it's often busy in weekends.

NOTE: if you can not make it for your reservation PLEASE cancel your reservation yourself or inform us. Your table is released after 15 minutes of no show.

We will be organizing some nice events, like cat movie nights, workshops and even yoga between our cat's!

students alert


Please check our Facebook or Instagram pages for all the details of the events.


Catcafé the Spinnerijwas started with a crowdfunding. Almost 300 people donated so that the catcafé could be realised. We opened at october 4th 2020. We are now a hotspot in Tilburg. There's lots of nice things going on at the catcafé: we organize workshops, gamenights and even yoga between our cats is a successful event.

Did you know we also have a study / work area for 2 people? You can sit at the bar, plug in your laptop and use our free WIFI internet.

Check our socials on Facebook and Instagram to see the agenda of our events and keep updated on the latest news.


  • What is a catcafé?

    It is a small home feel like café where you, as our guest can come and relax between our lovely and playfull cats. You can have breakfast, lunches and home made pie's. Who doesn't like to cuddle and play with cats?

  • Can I bring my own cat?

    No, that is not possible. The cats have been carefully selected and live in harmony all together in the café. We don't want to disturb that

  • What about hygiene in the Café?

    The Spinnery is cleaned every day. Our kitchen is sealed off for cats. The cats litters will be in the cats-only room, as well as their food.

  • Do I have to pay entrance?

    No, at the Spinnerij you will not have to pay entrance, unlike almost at all other catcafés in The Netherlands. Ofcourse you can make a free donation which will be spend on our cats.

  • Where do the cats come from?

    Our cats are adopted from Greece, an animalshelter in Crete called P&M Cats Care Crete. They have carefully selected our 8 lovely cats for us. 4 of our cats are brothers and sisters and they already lived as a group in the shelter so they all know eachother.

  • Can I feed the cats?

    No, you cannot. Our cats are well been take care off, we will feed them and take good care of them. Cats can get sick when they eat stuff of your plate. We do have some cat treats you can give them, please ask our staff.

  • Can I adopt a cat from the café?

    Our 8 cats are living together as a group. Putting cats up for adoption all the time will cause stress in the group, so they are not available for adoption. If you want to adopt, please go to the animal shelter DOC-T in Tilburg.

  • Do I have to make a reservation?

    If you want to be sure of a table, please make a reservation on our website using the link. A reservation is always for 90 minutes. High tea's need to be paid beforehand. If you have special requests (e.g birthday) please contact us by mail or whatsapp.

Facts about our cats. Our cats are all from the Greek island Crete, we adopted them from an organisation called P&M Cats Care Crete. Do you want to adopt too and save a stray? Please ask our staff, they can tell you all about it. The cats arrived by plane, 2 months before our grand opening on Oct 4th 2020. This way they had all the time to get used to us and their new home.

We have 8 cats living at the catcafé and Tilly lives on the Greek island Kythira. Can you find her photo at the Cafe? If you look closely at our cats, you can see that they all have a cut in their ears. It means that they are all neutered, it is a recognition sign.

Sirtaki is the biggest one of al land also the oldest, he is 5 years old. Bibi, Catoo en Ouzo are all white. How do you keep them apart? Catoo is the one who doesnt like to be petted and has big yellow eyes, Bibi is the smallest one and listens to here name and loves to play.

Ouzo is the cuddle kitty, she walks around with her tail in the air and gives you cuddles. Before Sir-Taki was named by us, his name was Teddy. Mattie sits often at the hatstand near the front desk so he can peek at us working. Snickers loves to sit on your lap, especially when you sit on the sofa. Just sit and relax!


kat Frenkie

Hi everyone, I am Frenkie, Mattie's big brother, the other grey cat. You can tell us apart by the fact that I am bigger and I have a bit more brown in my fur than Mattie. Sometimes I am a little clumsy and unhandy.

I love to play, especially with the sticks of the wands. My nickname is 'cranky Frenkie': if you pet me while i'm asleep, i will scratch you, so please be carefull.


kat Mattie

Hiya, it's Mattie! I love hanging out here at the Spinnerij. Sometimes i'm a bit shy. There's so much space for me to run fast. Just like the others, I love play with the wands and sticks, but tie wraps are one of my favorite toys as well. The bridge that is attached to the ceiling is one of my save places, high up above all the people!


kat Ouzo

Pssst, my name is Ouzo, a gentle kittycat who loves cuddles. I was super afraid when I just got here, I stayed on top of the roller shutters for a week! Luckily enough, now I feel really safe and everybody is super nice to me. Now I love to be petted and cuddled, so that I can purr loudly and enjoy all of it. My favorite toys to play with are the soft toys and pluches, but getting petted is still my favorite thing.


kat Snickers

Hey y'all! My name is Snickers, a beautiful red and white female cat, and apparently that's quite special. Luckily I stayed very grounded. I received my name from one of the sponsors from the crowdfunding, which I think is sooo cool!

Even though I look a lot like Sir-Taki, we aren't family, but he is my best friend and I love sleeping next or on top of him. I also really like to sit on your lap while you sit on the couch.

Bibi en Catoo

katten Bibi en Catoo
katten Bibi en Catoo

Hello! I am Bibi, the sister of Catoo and of those 2 grey goofballs, Frenkie and Mattie. I am super happy that we all stayed together so that I can play with them. I love playing! The wands with feathers are my favorite, because those feathers...o...o.. I won't let them go!

Hey everyone, my name is Catoo. Some people think I am bit strange. I really like it here, don't get me wrong, but being petted isn't really my thing. I don't get why the others like it that much. I have a great time with all the toys, most of the time I'm just walking around on my own, looking for things to destroy or to eat.


kat Zoë

Greetings, servants! My name is Zoë, a.k.a Princess Zoë, or Queen Zoë. Everybody always thinks that I am the prettiest and I can only agree. I am a true diva, I love private attention. Playing with the wands is something I only like to do when I want to, and running through the playing tunnel is one of the things I'm best at.

I usualy sit on top of the front desk, the lights there really make me more pretty as I already am.


kat Sir-Taki

Good day, Sir-Taki here. I am the biggest cat of all 8 cats at the Spinnerij, and the oldest. They sometimes tell me I am the BFG, a Big Friendly Giant. I am okay with everything, as long as I don't have to move that much and get everything I want and need. My favorite way to play is to do it while lying down, too much movement is way too tiring.

I already have so much fans, I even have my own Instagram! Want to become my fan as well? Follow me on


More and more people choose a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We think this is important as well. On our menu you will find vegatarian and vegan options. Everybody happy! For breakfast we have for example a breakfast platter for 2 persons and you also can have lunch. On our special board you can find all the goodies we have baked for you.

You can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea and our delicious pastry's like our lemon cheesecake ( very famous), carrotcake or our homemade vegan brownies XL.

You also can book our high -tea. This needs to be reserved at least 1 day beforehand and has to be paid beforehand. Our high- tea contains 2 courses with a nice soup and some sweet and savory snacks. Vegan is also possible. The high tea is served from 14.00 till 16.00 hours due to our busy lunch hours.


Phone: 06 - 300 178 46 (*please use Whats-app during opening hours)
Routeplanner: Google Maps

Events: Follow us on Facebook or Instagram and keep updated on our coming events.

Payment method: Cash and Pin

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Info parking:
By car? You can park at Louis Bouwmeesterplein. From there it is only a 5 minute walk to the Spinnerij.
By bike? You can park you park right across the catcafé in the designated area.
By train? It is only a few minute walk from the central train station to the catcafé.

Opening hours:

12:00 – 17:00 *
10:00 – 17:00
10:00 – 17:00
10:00 – 17:00
11:00 – 16:00
* walk-in day, no reservation needed