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Catcafé De Spinnerij will be the place to be in the centre of Tilburg for all the crazy cat people out there! A place where you can enjoy breakfast, healthy lunches and home made pies, nice wine and beers, and ofcourse you will find a whole lot of catlove!

Our friendly cats and staff will welcome you at the Spinnerij. If you want to study, meet up with your friends, have breakfast with that nice collegue, in our catcafé you will feel instantly at home. You can come and relax, because a cat on your lap will bring instant happiness.

For our guests we make it a place like home. In the café will be a big lounge area to relax and play with our cats, a big table so you can join our ( creative) workshops, a merchandice area, nice comfy chairs, we will do everything to make you feel welcome and at home.


  • What is a catcafé?

    It is a small home feel like café where you, as our guest can come and relax between our lovely and playfull cats. You can have breakfast, lunches and home made pie's. Who doesn't like to cuddle and play with cats?

  • Can I bring my own cat?

    No, that is not possible. The cats have been carefully selected and live in harmony all together in the café. We don't want to disturb that

  • What about hygiene in the Café?

    The Spinnery will be cleaned every day. Our kitchen is sealed off for cats. The cats litters will be in the cats-only room, as well as their food.

  • Do I have to pay entrance?

    No, at the Spinnerij you will not have to pay entrance, unlike almost at all other catcafés in The Netherlands. Ofcourse you can make a free donation which will be spend on our cats.

  • Where do the cats come from?

    Our cats will be adopted from animal shelters in Tilburg and nearby rescue shelters. We will use their expertise and advice when the group is put together. There has to be a carefull selection, because not all cats can handle the way things go in a catcafé. We have to make sure they will feel safe and at home. That is priority number one.

  • Can I feed the cats?

    No, you can not. Our cats are well been take care off, we will feed them and take care of them. Cats can get sick when they eat stuff of your plate. We do have some cat treats you can give them.

  • Can I adopt a cat from the café?

    The cats are living in a group together. Putting cats up for adoption all the time will cause stress in the group. If you want to adopt, please go to the animal shelter DOC-T in Tilburg.

  • Do I have to make a reservation?

    For a regular visit you dont have to make a reservation. If you want to come with a group, or you want to have a high tea, please make a reservation at least one day beforehand. Please check our contactpage for details.


On our menu we will put cakes, pie's and delicious cookies of Zoete Zaken, which is one of the best cake bakerys in Tilburg. We will have smoothie bowls, breakfast and lunch options, good coffee and a variety of nice tea blends , which we also sell at the Spinnerij. A healty life style is getting more important to a lot off people. Therefore we will also put vegan and vegetarian options on the menu, so there is good food for everyone's liking.

We will be organizing some nice events, like cat movie nights, workshops and even yoga between the cat's! On our Facebook page you will find all the details of the events.

students alert

Also as a study or work spot, you can come to the Spinnerij. Fast WIFI and a nice cup of coffee is easily arranged for you.

For students we will offer special discounts and special deals. Studying with a cat on your lap helps you study better!

Sounds good right?
We had a crowdfunding last year and that was for 82% successful. So to our supporters: many many thanks for your donations! For now we are trying to fullfill the remaining 20% so we can make a good start with finding our catcafé to be.

Donations are therefor still welcome. You can make a donation on this account:NL53INGB0008 8322 74 tnv Kattencafé de Spinnerij. Thank you so much for your support, it helps us open faster!

Thank you so much!



students alert

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If you have a question, requests or if you want to make a reservation by phone, we are here to help you! You can call us during opening hours. You wanna use the contact form? We will reply our mail as soon as possible. You can also contact us on Social Media. Just send us a PM on Facebook or Instagram.